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Case converter

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UPPERCASE — automatic conversion into Caps Lock
You may just copy the text of interest into the margin, then select this option – and assistant will converts all the letters into Caps Lock automatically.

lowercase — converts all characters into lowercase
Insert your text and select the option. The all characters will be instantly converted to small letters (lower letters) without exception.

Capital letters – upper case letters substitution in to beginning of all words
This feature allows to insert capital characters into each words of entered text (regardless of size).

cASE iNVERSION - mirrored conversion
This option changes the appearance of characters in mirrored manner: those that are large, become small. And vice versa.

The sentence format – capital letter automatic substitution at the beginning of each sentence
You may insert your text into margin and select the function. The assistant will put great characters at the beginning of sentences automatically, and the others will convert to lowercase. «.», «?», «!» – recognized.

tHe cAsE AlTeRnAtIoN - the conversion of all the odd characters to lowercase, and even - to capital
This option converts the characters by principle of alternation of large letters with small.


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